Discovery and initiation

Discovery and initiation

Location Stand Up Paddle

1 to 16 people


Location 1h : Balade de la Bastide
1 STAND-UP PADDLE 14€ 1 personne
1 STAND-UP PADDLE (-16 ANS) 12€ tarif jeune - de 16 ans
1 CHAUSSON NÉOPRÈNE 12€ du 30 au 46
Location 2h : Balade du Moulin Bès
1 STAND-UP PADDLE 19€ 1 personne
1 STAND-UP PADDLE (-16ANS) 16€ tarif jeune - de 16 ans
1 CHAUSSON NÉOPRÈNE 12€ du 30 au 46


Rental without transport of Stand-up paddle. Package 1h / 2h / 3h

Do you want to discover or learn about the paddle activity?

We can offer you an hourly rental on a large body of water in the heart of Venice Gard. You will enjoy a river with Amazonian air, bordered by thick vegetation and fed by many sources, to navigate peacefully. For those who want to dive, go to the rock of the Bastide to make jumps!


Observation, relaxation and sport are on the program!


April-October : Meeting at the base of Goudargues, in the Village Center. Immadiat departure everyday. Return at your convenience directly to your car.


Departure times: 7 days / 7

High season (July / August) : between 9h and 17h*

Low season : we adapt our departure times to the weather, thank you to contact us by email or phone.

* If you are a beginner or have children, don't go too late to take your time! 


Our advices :

Remember to take a bottle of water, a T-shirt to put under your buoyancy aid, sunscreenclosed shoes without laces and a bath towel. 


Our shop : Neoprene shoe, eyeglass cord, waterproof phone protection and beach games etc.

On site : refreshment bar / relaxation area and picnic


Free transportation by our bus - free parking - free wifi.
A mapp of the trip - life jacket - container of 50L - double or simple paddle, for adulte and child - helmet (optionnal)

Sanitary : toilette, shower and booth to change.


Out of season : Neoprene wetsuits (+5€).

Good to know

Our boats :
Our prices are by personn in canoe. If you want a single one, you have to provide 4€ in addition.
Kayak child or adult = 1 place
Canoe = 2 or 3 places (3rd place is for a child of -30kg)
Canadia = 4 places (3 adults OR 2 adults + 2 children -50kg total)
La Cèze has an average temperature of 23°C in summer, 19°C during the spring. For more comfort, we rent Neopren wetsuits.
  1. If you have young children, consider inquiring with us!
  2. For people with temporary or permanent mobility problems, contact us!
  3. Activity according to the weather conditions. Know how to swim and be 12 years old.
Means of payment : cash, credit card, ANCV holiday check, check

Meeting point

12 ter route de Pont St Esprit 30630 Goudargues

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